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Training Calendar of 2023
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Training Calendar of 2023

Sl. No.Name of the Course/ProgrammeFromTo
1Induction Training Programme (ITP) for IFS OTs of 2022 Batch and Bhutanese diplomats12 Dec 202214 Jun
2 Orientation Session for 64th Know India Programme04 Jan 
33rd Annual Disarmament & International Security Affairs (D&ISA) Fellowship Programme09 Jan

27 Jan

42nd Special Course for Diplomats from Iran06 Feb17 Feb
5Orientation Session for 65th Know India Programme07 Feb 
63rd Special Course for Diplomats from Pacific Island Countries20 Feb03 Mar
7Accounts Module for Section Officers (SOs)/Private Secretaries (PSs) and below21 Feb 
885th Integrated Mission Accounting System (IMAS) for SOs/ PSs and below22 Feb07 Mar
9Mid Career Training Programme-II (MCTP-II) for Director Level IFS officers06 Mar31 Mar
1070th Professional Course for Foreign Diplomats (PCFD)13 Mar31 Mar
11IVFRT Course for SOs/PSs and below21 Mar23 Mar
12Induction Training Programme for DR-ASOs of 2020 Batch10 Apr24 Apr
131st Special Course for Diplomats from Eritrea and Zambia17 Apr28 Apr
141st Special Course for Indian Trade Service officers02 May04 May
15Promotion related Training Programme for Section Officers08 May19 May
16Promotion related Training Programme for PPSs & PSs22 May26 May
17Promotion related Training Programme for ASOs (Batch I)29 May02 Jun
18Promotion related Training Programme for ASOs (Batch-II)05 Jun09 Jun
19Mid Career Training Programme-I (MCTP-I) for Deputy Secretary Level IFS officers12 Jun30 Jun
201st Special Course for Diplomats from Uganda12 Jun23 Jun
21Promotion Related Training Programme for Stenographers and Personal Assistants19 Jun23 Jun
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