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About the Course


  •  To impart the requisite functional knowledge for meeting the challenges in career transition.
  •  To equip the participants with new sets of skills essential for representational grade officers.
  •  To acquaint the officers with domestic issues of concern.


  • The training methods adopted are lecture, panel discussions and case studies.


  • Administration, Establishment, Projects and specific issues and implementation areas concerning a Mission/ Post
  • Finance, Accounts, Audit objection and e-Computing
  • Consular, Passport, Visa, MADAD and e-mechanism for redressal of public grievances
  • Cultural and Public Diplomacy, Protocol and Representational Duties
  • Economic and Commercial Diplomacy
  • Communication Skills: public speaking, managing social media and negotiation skills
  • Domestic issues of relevance: GoI programmes/ schemes/ projects, facilitating linkage of States with outside World
  • Defence and Security
  • Cyber Security and Challenges, Preparing on Cyber Front
  • Foreign Policy: Historical evolution of diplomacy, philosophical underpinnings of India’s Foreign Policy, India and Neighbourhood, India & Great Powers, Multilateral Diplomacy

DURATION: 24 working days
ELIGIBILITY: Officers promoted to Grade I of IFS (B)


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