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1st Special Course for Diplomats from Egypt

The 1st Special Course for diplomats from Egypt is being held at the Foreign Service Institute (FSI) of the Ministry of External Affairs of India on 10-22 June 2019. 13 young diplomats from Egypt are participating in the Course.  Amb. J.S. Mukul, Dean (FSI) hosted a welcome reception for the diplomats on 09 June 2019.

Amb. T.S. Tirumurti, Secretary (ER), Ministry of External Affairs of India and other senior officers of the Ministry would address the diplomats from Egypt as part of the training programme. The Special Course would include modules on India’s foreign policy, key international issues, multilateral diplomacy and diplomatic skills. The diplomats from Egypt would also get an exposure to India’s economic and technological development and undertake study tours to experience the rich cultural heritage of India. They would visit Agra as part of the programme.

To date, 32 diplomats from Egypt have participated in FSI training programmes.

 India and Egypt, two of the world’s oldest civilizations, have enjoyed a history of close contact from ancient times. In modern times, Mahatma Gandhi and Saad Zaghloul shared common goals on the independence of their countries. India and Egypt signed a Friendship Treaty in 1955. The Non- Aligned Movement was a natural concomitant of this relationship. This Special Course will further strengthen India’s friendly ties with Egypt.

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