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Training Calendar of 2020

Sl. NoTrainingFromTo
1.Induction Training Programme for IFS OTs of 2019 Batch09 Dec24 Jul 2020
2.59th KIP6 Jan 
3.Visit of Australian and Indian students10 Jan 
4.2nd D&ISA Fellowship Programme13 Jan31 Jan
5.75th IMAS Retest14 Jan 
6.Typing test for DR ASOs16 Jan 
7.1st Special Course for Diplomats from BIMSTEC Member Countries3 Feb15 Feb
8.Workshop on Technical Risk Assessment for Dual-Use Exports (TRADE)5 Feb7 Feb 
9IVFRT12 Feb18 Feb 
10Induction Training Programme for DR ASOs17 Feb28 Feb
113rd Special Course for Syrian Diplomats 24 Feb 07 Mar 
124th Special Course for Iraqi Diplomats 24 Feb07 Mar 
13Promotion related Training Programme for Private Secretaries16 Mar20 Mar
14Promotion related Training Programme for Section Officers16 Mar27 Mar
15Special Course for Interpreters Cadre6 Apr17 Apr
1676th IMAS10 Jun  12 Jun 
17IVFRT 13 Jun  
18Promotion related Training Programme for ASOs and PAs31 Aug04 Sep
19Stenography test for PAs/Stenographers09 Sep 
20IVFRT14 Sep15 Sep
211st Special Course for Diplomats from Suriname14 Sep25 Sep
22Typing Test for ASOs25 Sep 
23Promotion related Training Programme for SSAs, JSAs and Stenographers28 Sep05 Oct
24Supplementary MCTP-III05 Oct09 Oct
2577th IMAS12 Oct16 Oct
26Training Module on Social Media for HOM/HOPs12 Oct16 Oct
27Sushma Swaraj Lectures on Introduction to India 2020 in association with India Foundation15 Oct16 Oct
28MCTP-I23 Nov04 Dec
29Sushma Swaraj Lectures on Introduction to India 2020 Part-II19 Nov20 Nov
30IVFRT24 Nov 25 Nov
312nd Special Course for Diplomats from Suriname on Commercial and Economic Diplomacy07 Dec18 Dec
3278th IMAS14 Dec18 Dec
33Induction Training Programme for IFS OTs of 2020 Batch21 Dec11 Jun 2021
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