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About the Course


MCTP Phase-II accelerates the transition of an officer from functional specialist to strategic leader. It prompts officers to rethink their most basic assumptions, facilitates them to refine their judgment, and provides an opportunity to enhance their skill sets.  MCTP II addresses the core needs of catching up with emerging foreign policy issues by providing some domain specialization, exposure to domestic issues of relevance and modern management tools for developing leadership skills. It brings together scholars, researchers, and practitioners to assess the role of global, regional and national actors in addressing issues of global significance and to critically analyze the expected roles of officers who are shortly going to assume higher responsibilities. 


  • To prepare the officers for higher positions, broadening their outlook in regard to their role and responsibilities in the organisation and outside;
  • To prevent obsolescence by exposing officers to the latest concepts and techniques in the specialized fields.
  • To improve thought processes and analytical ability in order to uncover and examine prob­lems and take decisions in the best interests of the country and organisation;
  • To prepare officers as more effective negotiators and communicators by improving their analytical and tactical skills.

COURSE METHODOLOGY: Adapted training approach for MCTP-II is traditional, relying on training methods like lecture, group discussion, exercise, case studies, and field visits. 


  • Foreign Policy of India
  • Neighbourhoods Management
  • Issues of global and regional significance
  • Soft Power Diplomacy
  • General Management
  • Skill Training

DURATION: 3 Weeks distributed at (i) SSIFS; and (ii) premier international institutions

ELIGIBILITY: This course is mandatory for officers of Gr. IV of IFS (Director Level).

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