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Infrastructure of SSIFS

SSIFS is located on a 6-acre plot in Old JNU Campus in South Delhi. The Institution block is the basic training hub of SSIFS. It contains the administrative offices, the conference halls, the lecture halls, the computer lab, the library and the auditorium. Training is primarily conducted in the two conference halls, second of which was inaugurated in 2018. The auditorium has a seating capacity of around 180 and is the venue of most cultural and official events organized by SSIFS. The library has a collection of approx. 15000 books. The computer lab has 30 terminals.

The residential complex has five blocks. A block is the Dean's residence with B block consisting of two residences for the Joint Secretaries. C block consists of 8 flats for the other officers of SSIFS. D block with 30 flats is the family accommodation hostel for IFS OTs and E block with 11 flats is used by the SSIFS staff and essential services. The hostel has accommodation for 40 IFS OTs and there are five guest rooms. In addition to a health club, SSIFS has sports facilities such as a swimming pool, two tennis courts, two badminton courts etc.


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