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Books by IFS Officers
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Books by IFS Officers

A N D HaskarSubhasitavali and other booksTales from the Panchatantra (NBT, 1992)The Shattered Thigh & Other Plays (Penguin, 1993 & 2008)Tales of the Ten Princes (Penguin, 1995 & 2008)Glimpses of Sanskrit Literature (ed.) (ICCR, 1995)Hitopadesa (Penguin, 1998 & 2006)Simhasana Dvatrimsika (Penguin, 1998 & 2006)Shuka Saptati (HarperCollins, 2000 & Rupta 2009A Treasury of Sanskrit Poetry (ed) (ICCR 2002)Jatakamala (HarperCollins, 2003)Madhav & Karna (Roli Books, 2006)Subhashitavali (Penguin, 2007)Kama Sutra (Penguin, 2011 & 13Three Satires from Ancient Kashmir (Penguin 2011)The Seduction of Shiva (Penguin, 2014)
Abhay K.River Valley to Silicon Valley. V Put of Rechnol Dolini (Russian), Enigmatic Love, fallen Leaves of Autumn, Art life of St. Petersburg(Russian), Candling the Light Remains, Seduction of Delhi(forthcoming)River Valley to Silicon Valley, 10 Questions of the Soul, Colours of Soul: Art life of St. Petersburg
Achal MalhotraPrehistoric Mythological and Legendary Links SRI LANKA-INDIA
Aftab SethPillars of a Landscape
Ajay P. NazrethGandhi’s outstanding Leadership
Ajay M. GondaneThe Arrival
Amarendra DhatuaNine collections of poetry
Amb. D’ SouzaMEA Propertiesq
Amit DasguptaThe Divine Peacock
Arun Kumar SahuShort stores and columne in Oriya
Arvind GuptaFrom Lenio to Gorvachev
Atul GhotsurveFAQ UPSC’s Civil Services Exam
B K NehruNice Guys Finish Second
B N C Nayar or Mohana ChandranMany Books
B S PrakashClueless in California,
Sounding silly in silicon valley
Badruddin TyabjiMemoirs of an Egoist
Balkrishna ShettyWhat is Mathematics?
Bhaswati MukherjeeArms Race in outer space: A Third World Perspective
C B MuthammaSlain by the System
C M BhandariSaving Angkor, Journey to Heaven: Kaliash Mansarovar & Yoga Shakti
C S DasguptaWar and Diplomacy in Kashmir
C S JhaFrom Bandung to Tashkent
C V RanganathanIndia and China: The way Ahead (Co-authored with Vind Khanna)
Chinmaya R GharekhanThe Horseshoe Table
Dr. Karan SinghTowards a new India and other 12 books
Dyaneshwar MulayJonald, a collection of poems (Marathi)
Mati Pankh Aanri Aakash (Marathi),
Door Rahlla Gaon (Marathi),
Rity Ug Rahi Hai (Hindi).
Ander Ek Assmann (Urdu),
Comparative study of Modern Marathi and Japanese Poetry
G. ParthasarathyDiplomatic Divide (co-author)
Gauri Shankar GuptaMongolia-The land of blue skies,
Droplet – A collection of English Poetry,
Chand Lamhe – A collection of Hindi Poetry,
Unavailing Mysteries of life -  Modern Science and Ancient Wisdom
H V S ManralGhost Stores from Kumaon & Garhwal Hills
Harsh BhasinThe Big Three – The emerging relationship between the US, India & China in the changing world order
I J Bahadur SinghIndians in the Caribbean,
Indians in south Asia, Indians in South East Asia,
Other India: The Overseas Indians and Their Relationship with Us,
The Great Ascent: The Landless Poor in Southeast Asia
J C SharmaTemples of Chamapa in Vietnam and Hindu Temples in Vietnam
J N DixitSelf in Autumn- Collection of poems and other (-10) books
Jordana D. PavelBroken Sands
FK B FabianCommonsense on war in Iraq 2003
Diplomacy: Indian Style 2012
K Natwar SinghNine Books
K M PanikkarIn two Chinas: memoirs of a diplomats,
Asia and Western Dominance,
India and the Indian Ocean and A Survey of Indian
History and others
K P S MenonDelhi Chunking,
Russian Panorama,
Playing Tokyo,
Twilight in China,
The flying Troika,
The lamp and the lamp stand.
A dictionary of Kathakali,
C. Sankaran Nair Journey Round the world,
Russia revisited,
Memories and musings, many worlds many worlds revisited
K R NarayananImages and insights,
Nehru and his vision & India and America
K SrinivasJamdani Revolution
K V RajanThe Ambassadors Club (edit)
Kiran DoshiBirds of Passage and Diplomatic Tales
Kishan S RanaInside Diplomacy, 21st Century Ambassador,
Asian Diplomacy,
Bilateral Diplomacy Managing Corporate Culture
Madhup MohtaSamay, Sapna Aur Tum (Poetry)
M SridharanChinese language, an Introduction,
Translation of Chinese Poetry: Vaari Choodinum
Paarppavar Illai: Kavi thogai – Chinaavin ;Sanga IIakkiyam
M K RasgotraThe New Asian Power Dynamics (ed.)
Mani Shankar AiyyarConfession of a Secular Fundamentalist and other four books
Manju SethThe fifty Element (Poetry Collection
N ParthasarthyThe Reluctant Assassin
Navdeep SuriThe Watchmaker, A life incomplete (English translation s of the classic Punjabi novels of his grandfather Nanak Singh
Navtej Sarna

We were not lovers like that,
The Exile,
Folk Tales of Poland,
The Book of Nanak Zafarnama,
Savage Harvest (Trans.)
Winter Evenings – A collection of short stores

Nina SibalDongs of Justice,
Secret life of Gujjar Mal,
Nirupama RaoRain Rising : Poetry Collection
P V Joshi Saga of Hinduism
Pawan K. VarmaGhalib and his times,
The great Indian middle class,
Being Indian,
Where loss is gain and other books
Pooja KapoorComparative Government and Politics: Concepts & Currents Trends (Co-author)
Pradeep KapurTa Prohm: A Glorious Era in Angkor Civilization (Co-author) India of My Dream (Co-edited)
Pratap SinghSahnti Majusha – collection of poems
Prem K BudhwarA Diplomat Reveals
R VishawanathanMalgudi to Macondo – The Journey of an Innocent Indian through Seductive Latin America
Rajiv DograAlmost an Ambassador,
Footprints in foreign sands
Romesh BhandariAs I saw it
Sangeeta BahadurThe Kaal Trilogy
Santosh KumarIn the National Interest: A strategic Foreign Policy for India,
Chhitaktey Quark – A collection of poems in Hindi
Skand TyalIndia and republic of Korea: Engaged Democracies
Subhakanta BeheraOriya story and poetry collections
Subimal DuttWith Nehru in the Foreign Office
Sudarshan BhutaniA clash of Political cultures: Sino-Indian Relations 1957-60
Sudhir DevareIndia and Southeast Asia: towards Security Convergence.
A new Energy Frontier: the Bay of Bengal region,
Delhi Dialogue III : Beyond the First Twenty Years of India-ASEAN engagement (edt), India
Emerging China: Prospects for partnership in Asia (edt).
Suja MenonIxora: Consistently Inconsistent & other poems
Sumit SethJoys of Male Sexuality ( Co-author)
Review of forensic Medicine
Surendra KumarLegends of Indian Cinema, Kokila (Novel),
Sirf Sipahi (Collection of poems in Hindi).
In the Minds of the maestros,
5 India of My Dreams (edt),
Beyond diplomatic dilemmas (a memoir)
T N KaulRecollections and Reflections,
Life in a Himalayan Hamlet,
My years through Raj and Swaraj and  A Diplomat’s Diary
T P SreenivasanWords, Words ,
Words- Adventures in Diplomacy & Encounters,
Mattering to India
T S TirumurthyChennaivassi,
Clive Avenue,
Kissing the Diplomacy & Encounters,
Mattering to India
Clive Avenue (Novel)
V. AshokDasavatar: Ten  Incarnations of Vishnu
Veena SikriIndia and Malaysia: intertwined Strands
Vijaya Laxmi PanditThe Evolution of India and The Scope of Happiness
Vikas SwarupQ & A and Six suspects,
The Accidental Appearance
Vinod KhannaThe Ramayana in Indonesia (co-authored with Malini Saran)
Y D GudevlaOut of Archives


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